Seaway Trail Honey
          "Sweetening Traditions"
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artisan honey
                          ----always pure & natural
Wetlands Habitat
Wetlands Restoration Project (WRP) Shovel ready in the spring of 2007, with the help of the USDA/NRCS of Wayne County, NY. One long day of bulldozing, 1 summer & fall of dry potholes, it took a winter's snowmelt to fill the ponds.

Vegetation- Even though the site was seeded, the first year yielded almost solid ragweed, not much use to the bees. The next year's growth was what was planned: Grasses, clover, smartweed, & other wildflowers such as goldenrod and aster.

Wildlife- Lots of frogs, ducks & geese, herons, deer, fox, turkey benefit. The migratory barn swallows return every spring to raise their young, even robins.